Glidden-Ralston runs out of time against No. 4-ranked Audubon

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Coming into the game, the Glidden-Ralston players knew that they were going to have to shut down the top players of Audubon to pull off the upset.

Although No. 4 -ranked Audubon was able to walk away from Friday’s game with a 63-30 victory, Glidden-Ralston made the Wheelers sweat near the end of the contest.

After Audubon worked their way to a quick 13-0 advantage over the Wildcats, Glidden-Ralston was able to jumpstart their offense with an early touchdown pass.

Audubon would answer with a kickoff return for a touchdown, and then score on their next two possessions to lead the contest 34-6 early in the second quarter. A second Glidden-Ralston touchdown pass would narrow the Audubon lead to 34-14. The Wheelers answered with a touchdown, and led 41-14 at halftime.

The Wheelers controlled the third quarter, but the fourth quarter would belong to the Wildcats.

Early in the fourth they scored when Grant Borkowski threw a 21-yard touchdown pass to Nathan Brant. After Audubon scored, Ian Schoenherr would score off a one-yard touchdown run late in the fourth, bringing the Wildcats within 33 points of Audubon.

The Wildcats stand at 3-5 overall on the season.

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