Men’s softball moves first meeting to May 29

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Meeting dates for the 2020 16” softball season have been updated as the Dist. I softball league is still planning to have a 2020 season.

The first scheduled meeting for the 2020 season will now be May 29th. It is scheduled to be held at 6:30 p.m. in the Carroll Recreation Center’s Activities room.

This meeting will cover information teams will need to know about the 16” softball season for this coming summer. Teams will also receive information on the plans for any tournaments that may occur.

The commissioner of the Dist. I requests that only one team member per team is present at the May 29 meeting. It should be noted that one team member from each team needs to be present.

One week after the first meeting another meeting is planned for June 5 at 6 p.m. again in the Carroll Recreation Center’s Activities room. This 6 p.m. meeting is for all softball teams and during the meeting the teams are expected to pay their yearly dues, in full for the season. Those dues are needed by each team planning to play.

If you or anyone you know are interested in playing 16” men’s softball this season, or if you have a team of 10-12 players wanting to play this year then you need to call Bob Fasbender at (712) 792-3115 immediately to make sure you can get on a team, or the team can play this year. Interested members may also stop by Michael’s Shoes downtown.

The annual Hall-of-Fame meeting is on hold for the time being.

The Bud Open has also been cancelled for this season. The 40th Bud Open is scheduled for 2021 on Father’s Day weekend.

Tentative dates for the 16” sub-state tournament are scheduled for July 6-19 in Dedham. However, the dates of this tournament may change.

Anyone with questions about men’s 16” softball this season may contact the commissioner of Dist. I, Bob Fasbender at (712) 792-3115.

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