No. 6 Titans battle to sixth straight with win over Hawks

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Now the schedule will let up. For the rest of the district, and perhaps class 1A football, that could be dangerous news.

The South Central Calhoun football team won their sixth-straight game on Friday night besting South Hamilton 21-6.

As expected the South Hamilton defense held the Titans well under their average point per game streak SCC had built up through the first six weeks of the season. However once the Titans were able to get out of the first quarter the field opened up for the Titans.

“This wasn’t our prettiest game, but we’re happy to be walking away with the victory,” said South Central Calhoun head coach, Bryan Case. “South Hamilton came in here and gave us all we could handle and really took it to us in the first quarter, but in the end, our kids rallied through the adversity and did just enough to put us on top.”

The first quarter was one of the toughest battles that the Titans had been involved in.

South Hamilton and SCC battled through nearly eight minutes of field possession football to start the game. Then, with 4:16 left in the first quarter the Hawks took the first lead on SCC when they scored off a seven-yard run.

The Titans needed to respond and they did quickly.

Just over a minute later the Titans drove down the field and capped off their drive when Landon Schleisman was able to cross the goal line with a two-yard touchdown run.

Following an extra point by Zane Neubaum, the Titans took a 7-6 lead.

From there they would take the lessons of what happened in the first quarter to improve on their game play for the rest of the contest.

“We needed a game like this,” Case said. “We needed to prove to ourselves that we could play four full quarters with a physical football team. I’m proud of our guys.”

Moving the ball didn’t get easier in the second quarter. Field possession remained king throughout the second, but the Titans added to their lead with less than a minute remaining when Neubaum attempted a 35-yard field goal, that just missed its mark. Both teams headed into halftime separated by one point.

Again, the third quarter was one where both teams tried to set themselves up with field possession, knowing that they would ultimately have to settle for a punt.

It wasn’t until just eight seconds remained in the third that Blake McAlister was able to score off a nine-yard touchdown run. Following a Neubaum PAT the Titans went ahead 14-6.

South Central Calhoun scored relatively quickly in the fourth quarter when an early run by Schleisman came from 10 yards out to give the Titans a 21-6 advantage.

After that the game again descended into a field possession battle, but this time neither team would make a trek down field and score before the fourth quarter expired.

Except for the scoring drive of South Hamilton, the SCC defense again showed up in force. The Hawks were limited to 110 yards rushing. Through the air South Hamilton was stifled by the quick Titan defense. Overall, South Hamilton featured just 26 passing yards.

Meanwhile, the Titans offense did gobble up yards. On the ground they ate up 372 white dash marks. Though the passing game was limited to 38 yards. Overall the Titans had 410 yards of offense.

Leading the rushing attack for the Titans was Blake McAlister with 151 total yards and a touchdown. Schleisman finished with 79 yards and two scores. Keagan Meyer finished with 73 yards on the ground. Another 38 yards were turned in by Brennan Holder. Cole Corey had 16 yards rushing while Jordan Khommanyvong finished with 17.

Corey completed two of his five passing attempts for 17 yards. Josh Henkenius threw two passes, both were completed for a total of 21 yards.

Neubaum led the team with 17 receiving yards. Meyer added nine yards and Khommanyvong finished with eight. The other four yards came from senior Daniel Stevens.

Schleisman finished with nine total tackles, leading his team, including one for a loss. Chase Scheidegger finished with 5.5 tackles. Meyer added 3.5 total tackles in the contest.

Both Holder and Brian King had three tackles in the game. Jayden Soard and Hunter Voith finished with 2.5 tackles each. Two tackles were turned in by Keaton Daniel.

On Friday the Titans will take on Madrid in Madrid. Currently the Tigers are 1-5 and coming off a win over Eagle Grove (they are also wrapping up a four game home stand).

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