Senior answers ‘Boell’ for business, sports and BVU

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Carroll High School alum Andrew Boell found success at Buena Vista University while playing tennis, serving as the manager for the men’s basketball team, majoring in accounting and business, and completing a variety of internships.

STORM LAKE: Finding a job after graduation may have been the most important consideration Andrew Boell had in selecting a college. It’s what he thought about as an 18-year-old graduate of Carroll High School in 2016.

As a Buena Vista University senior this spring, Boell has completed five job applications. He’s secured five interviews and has, to date, earned a pair of job offers.

“I’m trying to decide on what career path to choose,” Boell says.

When it comes to fielding multiple offers, he shrugs and smiles, chalking it up to a combination of luck and making the most of his BVU undergraduate experience.

Boell kept busy as a Beaver, still does. The accounting and business double-major has interned in the accounting department at a sports-apparel enterprise and a tax firm. He spent the summers following his BVU freshman and sophomore years at BVU working in dispatch for a company that specializes in home warranty. He continued to work for the corporation as a junior, taking a company computer to BVU where he logged in at night and kept personnel moving from his remote location.

Boell, who enjoyed the size of classes at BVU and the ability to get to know professors as well as peers, also spent hundreds of hours serving the men’s basketball team as its manager for four years.

“I wanted to be a coach and learn all I could about the program,” he says. “Being a manager gave me the access. I often wondered how managers would be treated by the team. At BVU, I found out how nice the players were; I was treated like a member of the team. In the end, I was willing to give up my time to be a manger because I had so much fun doing it.”

Boell, a three-year member of the Student Activities Board, also played tennis for the Beavers and helped promote the program by organizing a team night based loosely on Will Ferrell’s “Semi-Pro” movie shenanigans.

As a freshman and sophomore, Boell completed in tennis matches at Hilton Head, S.C. during spring break. As a junior, he competed for a team that collected the most victories of any BVU tennis team in seven years.

“Being on the tennis team represented a big accomplishment for me,” Boell says. “You see, I also have cystic fibrosis. I felt it was important for me to compete at a high level because I have ‘CF.’ Not a lot of people with cystic fibrosis play high school sports. I kept on playing I college, maybe doing it for others who couldn’t.”

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