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Tigers turn in fast swims to start the new year

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Carroll High senior swimmer Trevor Danner races his way down the lane during the 100-yard butterfly race held Dec. 17 at the Carroll Recreation Center.

After a dominant start to the season, the last thing that Carroll High wanted to see was the break in action over the holidays.

The break is a part of every season, and Carroll was able to get through the break and continue its strong meets on the other side.

It started on Thursday when Carroll made the trip to Council Bluffs, where the Tigers were able to take down Lewis Central 90-70. Once again, the Tigers were able to use a number of their fast swimmers to get through the meet.

On Saturday, the Tigers finished fourth at a tough Johnston invitational meet.

At Thursday’s meet, Carroll was able to gain a number of wins in the meet.

The wins started in the 200-yard individual medley event. Kyle Sundrup was able to take the victory with a winning time of 2:15.1. In fourth was Ben Englin, who had a time of 2:25.12. In fifth was Tristen Blair, with a time of 2:39.32.

One race later, Jonathan Dose was able to win the event with a time of 23.36. In third was Sam Janssen with a time of 25.11. Jacob Greving was fourth with a time of 26.96.

Dose then turned around and won the next event, too. In the 100-yard butterfly event, Dose had a time of 57.93 to take a second-straight win. In the same race, Zander Kenyon finished third with a time of 1:00.88.

The 100 yard freestyle event featured Trevor Danner winning with a time of 49.89. Englin was fourth, with a time of 1:00.52. Caleb Blair finished fifth, with a time of 1:05.31.

The 200-yard freestyle relay event featured the Carroll team of Dose, Zander, Sundrup and Danner taking a win with a time of 1:34.71. In third was the team of Sam Janssen, Greving, Englin and Donte Fennell, which finished with a time of 1:43.87.

Sundrup also won the 100-yard backstroke event with a time of 59.54. Janssen finished third, with a time of 1:05.67. In fifth was Caleb Blair, with a time of 1:13.5.

Danner then won the 100-yard breaststroke event with a time of 1:07.88. He was followed by Greving, with a third-place time of 1:14.17. In fourth was Nic Whipkey, with a time of 1:20.86.

The 400-yard freestyle relay event was won by the Carroll team of Dose, Kenyon, Sundrup and Danner, with a time of 3:30.92.

Kenyon also helped the Carroll team bring home a strong finish as he finished second in the 200-yard freestyle event. There, he had a time of 2:01.88. Fennell was third, with a time of 2:05.5. Whipkey finished fifth, with a time of 2:24.61.

Fennell led the Tigers in the 500-yard freestyle event with a third place finish. His time was clocked at 5:57.54. In fourth was Tristen Blair, with a time of 6:13.59.

“We had a lot of close races, which made this an exciting meet,” said Deb Danner, the head coach for the Carroll swim team. “It just felt good to get back to competition. The boys were excited to race again.”

Saturday the Tigers would finish fourth with 154 points at the Johnston Invitational. Waukee won the meet with 409 points.

“The boys had some great competition today,” Deb Danner said about the Johnston meet. “We always enjoy swimming at Johnston, they have a fast pool and we usually see some time drops. We had eight personal best times.”

Senior Trevor Danner would help lead the Tigers through the meet.

In the 50-yard freestyle race, Trevor Danner would finish second, with a time of 22.06. Dose finished third, with a time of 22.93. Whipkey finished 17th, with a time of 27.26.

In the 100-yard freestyle event, Danner once again finished second. This time he had a time of 48.71. Greving was 14th, with a time of 59.02. Caleb Blair finished 18th, with a time of 1:02.8.

Dose finished fourth, with a time of 58.09 in the 100-yard fly event. Kenyon finished ninth, with a time of 59.35. Englin would finish 17th, in the same race with a time of 1:06.66.

In the 200-yard freestyle relay, the Carroll team of Danner, Kenyon, Sundrup and Dose finished second, with a time of 1:32.71. In eighth place was the team of Janssen, Englin, Greving and Fennell, with a time of 1:40.68.

Sundrup finished third in the 100-yard backstroke, with a time of 57.86. Janssen finished 11th, with a time of 1:04.68. Fennell was 16th, with a time of 1:10.23.

The Carroll 400-yard freestyle relay team of Dose, Kenyon, Sundrup and Danner finished third, with a time of 3:26.99. In 10th was the team of Caleb and Tristen Blair, Whipkey and Fennell. They had a time of 4:12.94.

The 200-yard medley relay team of Janssen, Greving, Englin and Tristen Blair finished ninth, with a time of 1:57.17.

Kenyon led the Tigers in the 200-yard freestyle event with a ninth-place time of 2:02.65. Janssen finished 10th, with a time of 2:03.81. Caleb Blair finished 18th, with a time of 2:23.15.

In the individual medley event, Sundrup finished eighth, with a time of 2:13.59. Englin finished 12th, with a time of 2:25.58. Tristen Blair finished 16th, with a time of 2:37.66.

Fennell would finish 13th in the 500-yard freestyle event, with a time of 5:57.25. Tristen Blair was 14th, with a time of 6:00.71.

The 100-yard breaststroke event was led by Greving, who had a 13th-place finishing time of 1:13.59. Whipkey was 14th, with a time of 1:21.7.

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